5 Questions: SUNRISE

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What French Impressionist painter's early body of work included a beautiful harbor image titled Impression: Sunrise, the title of which some believe inspired the use of the term Impressionism?
Claude Monet
Pierre Renoir
Edouard Manet
Paul Cézanne
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It is customary that U.S. flags flown at official sites are to be put up at sunrise and taken down at sunset unless they are:
at half mast
larger than 10' wide
illuminated at night
on top of a building
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What planet most commonly represents the morning star, seen during (or just before) sunrise?
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Which of these big band stars — the first to receive a "gold record" — hit it big with his recording of "Sunrise Serenade"?
Tommy Dorsey
Ray Noble
Jimmy Dorsey
Glenn Miller
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With nearly 100,000 residents, Sunrise Manor has grown to become the fifth largest city in the state of:
South Dakota