5 Questions: Rockin' Robin

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Comedian Robin Williams made his Hollywood lead-role debut in which of these motion pictures?
Moscow on the Hudson
The World According to Garp
Good Morning, Vietnam
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According to legend, Robin Hood was born in what area of Nottinghamshire?
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Which of the following statements about the American robin is NOT true?
female sings during courtship
chiefly eats fruit
will not nest in marshes
migrates south in cold weather
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In the original comic book series and TV show, the young superhero Robin, the Boy Wonder, was known in civilian life as:
Jack Napier
Dick Grayson
Britt Reid
Bruce Wayne
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Name the William Shakespeare work in which Robin Goodfellow remarked: "What fools these mortals be ..."
As You Like It
The Merchant of Venice
A Midsummer Night's Dream