5 Questions: Second Chance

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What laid-back crooner was the original choice for TV's Columbo (but turned it down for fear it would interfere with his golf game)?
Perry Como
Bing Crosby
Pat Boone
Dean Martin
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Although it's said that Ian Fleming modeled James Bond after him, he wasn't interested in playing him on film. Name this actor.
Tony Curtis
Rock Hudson
Cary Grant
Anthony Quinn
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Jerry Van Dyke turned down the title role on the TV sitcom Gilligan's Island in favor of what series?
Holmes and Yo-Yo
My Mother, the Car
Me and the Chimp
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Producer Gary David Goldberg originally had Matthew Broderick in mind for a starring role in which of his TV series?
The Tony Randall Show
Spin City
Brooklyn Bridge
Family Ties
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Predicting it would be the "biggest flop in Hollywood history," Gary Cooper turned down a lead role in what 1939 film blockbuster?
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Gone with the Wind
The Wizard of Oz
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington