5 Questions: All Tricks, No Treats

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What 17th century British playwright's works included A Trick to Catch the Old One?
John Donne
Thomas Middleton
Samuel Butler
James Shirley
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Which of these popular songs of the 50s and 60s was NOT covered in the studio by rock band Cheap Trick?
"Ain't That A Shame"
"Magical Mystery Tour"
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
"Don't Be Cruel"
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In hockey, a player earns a "hat trick" when he scores three goals. What makes it the even rare "natural hat trick?"
goals scored in succession
four goals instead of three
all against the same goalie
all three occurred in one period
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Which of the following sometimes uses an "honor-trick" scoring method?
a steeplechase
a joust
a bridge game
a rodeo
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Who both wrote and starred in the 1980 motion picture, One Trick Pony?
Paul Newman
Paul Simon
Paul Lynde
Paul Anka