5 Questions: THE BLIMPY TEST

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What travel-oriented Web site appears in a series of television commercials featuring puppets that appear to control things from inside a blimp?
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Which of these is NOT the name of one of the current collection of three blimps owned and operated by Goodyear?
Stars and Stripes
Spirit of Goodyear
Flying Liberty
Spirit of America
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According to legend, Led Zeppelin got their name (and their blimp logo) after what fellow rock 'n' roll legend said the band would go over "like a lead balloon"?
Mick Jagger
Ray Davies
Eric Clapton
Keith Moon
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What 1977 motion picture told the story of a terrorist plot involving a hijacked blimp that was planned to be crashed into a stadium hosting the Super Bowl?
Shock Waves
Twilight's Last Gleaming
Black Sunday
The Domino Principle
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What type of flammable gas was used in the Hindenburg (and played a role in the number of deaths in its famous accident)?