5 Questions: KICK THE HABIT

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What was the first name of Mrs. O'Leary, whose cow allegedly started the Great Chicago Fire when she kicked over a burning lamp?
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In the arcade video game known as Kickman, what device was used to transport the kicking clown across the screen?
a unicycle
a skateboard
a tiny car
a pair of roller skates
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Richard Nixon told the press "you won't have Nixon to kick around ..." after he lost the California gubenatorial race to what opponent?
Earl Warren
Leland Stanford
Ronald Reagan
Edmund Brown
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Tom Dempsey's record for the longest field goal in an NFL game (63 yards) was later tied by Jason Elam, kicker for what NFL team?
Philadelphia Eagles
Denver Broncos
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
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According to the song, you can "get your kicks" on what famous highway?
Sunset Strip
Ventura Highway
Route 66
Hollywood Boulevard