5 Questions: CARE FOR A SWIM?

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What Tarzan actor was the first human to swim the 100 meter freestyle in under one minute?
Johnny Weissmuller
Elmo Lincoln
Buster Crabbe
Ron Ely
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What actor's wardrobe consisted only of a pair of bathing trunks when he starred in the 1968 motion picture The Swimmer?
Gregory Peck
Kirk Douglas
Burt Lancaster
Tony Curtis
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What fitness guru has often celebrated his birthdays by swimming across the San Francisco Bay to Alcatraz Island?
Jake Steinfeld
Richard Simmons
Jack Lalanne
Covert Bailey
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What Marvel superhero was "stronger than a whale" and could "swim anywhere"?
The Sub-Mariner
Neptune Perkins
The Silver Surfer
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Swimmy, the classic childrens book by Leo Lionni, tells the story of a little fish whose friends were all eaten by ... what?
a whale
a barracuda
a shark
a tuna