5 Questions: K9s WITH IQs

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In what 1986 motion picture did Nick Nolte try to drown himself in a swimming pool after he lost his dog, Kerouac?
Under Fire
Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Heart Beat
Three Fugitives
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Edison was the name of the Potts' family dog in what family movie?
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Secret Garden
The Sound of Music
Mary Poppins
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A Schnauzer named Chaucer was the pet of what comedic star of the 1978 motion picture Foul Play?
Steve Martin
Robin Williams
Chevy Chase
Dan Aykroyd
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What type of dog was Beethoven, star of two feature films, three straight-to-video sequels and his own television show?
Great Dane
Cocker Spaniel
Saint Bernard
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Einstein was the name of what character's dog in the film Back to the Future?
Marty McFly
Emmett Brown
Biff Tannen
Lorraine Baines