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What entertainer performed the classic Mississippi River song "Ol' Man River" on Broadway in the musical Showboat, and ultimately made it his signature tune?
Paul Robeson
Harry Belafonte
Josh White
Cab Calloway
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Which of these European explorers is popularly credited with "discovering" the Mississippi River?
Zebulon Pike
John Cabot
Hernando de Soto
Sir Francis Drake
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What famous weapon was developed as a result of an 1827 duel fought on a sandbar in the Mississippi River?
Derringer pistol
Marine sword
Elgin Cutlass
Bowie knife
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What is the only waterfall on the entire length of the Mississippi River?
St. Anthony Falls
Niagara Falls
Tahquamenon Falls
Sable Falls
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Heading from Cincinnati to New Orleans, what was the name of the riverboat that Mark Twain booked passage on for $16 in Life on the Mississippi?
Anna Augusta
Paul Jones
River Master
Delta Queen