5 Questions: EDDIE, EDIE, IDI ... Let's call the whole thing off.

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Husband-and-wife Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme first met while each was appearing on what television show?
The Perry Como Show
The Tonight Show
Texaco Star Theatre
Your Hit Parade
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Who was the president of Uganda immediately before and after Idi Amin's reign?
Milton Obote
Robert Mugabe
Jean-Bidel Bokassa
Jomo Kenyatta
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Model/60s cult icon Edie Sedgwick was a protégé of what quirky artist?
Roy Lichtenstein
Salvador Dali
Peter Max
Andy Warhol
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In oceanography, an "eddy" is defined as:
a water current that runs contrary to the main current
water that falls back from the flood stage
a broad, deep undulation of the ocean
a narrow surface current that flows away from shore
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In 1934, Seattle native Eddie Bauer patented a regulation-sized shuttlecock which popularized what sport in the U.S.?
skeet shooting