5 Questions: IT'S ALL "GOOD"

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Of the following 1990s movies, which one was NOT nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Picture"?
A Few Good Men
One Good Cop
Good Will Hunting
As Good As It Gets
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The parable of the Good Samaritan appears in which of these Bible Gospels?
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What explorer was the first European to record a circumnavigation of the Cape of Good Hope, near the southernmost point of Africa?
Jacques Cartier
Ferdinand Magellan
John Davis
Bartolomeu Dias
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Which of these "Good" things appeared on the market first?
Good & Plenty candy
Good Housekeeping magazine
Goodyear tires
Good Humor ice cream bars
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What instrument was used to great effect to produce the space-like sounds in the Beach Boys hit single "Good Vibrations"?
pan flute