5 Questions: A TAXING TEST

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In 1973, who resigned as U.S. Vice President after he pleaded "no contest" to charges of not claiming income he received while he was the governor of Maryland?
Gerald Ford
Nelson Rockefeller
Richard Nixon
Spiro Agnew
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Which Constitutional amendment, ratified in 1913, gave Congress the power to levy tax on personal incomes?
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In 1992, what famous person paid Income Tax for the first time ever?
Queen Elizabeth II
Bill Gates
Arnold Schwarzenegger
George Herbert Walker Bush
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After her housekeeper testified she heard her say that "only the little people pay taxes," who was sentenced to four years in prison when found guilty of evasion?
Ivana Trump
Martha Stewart
Leona Helmsley
Tammy Faye Bakker
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What early sitcom star refused to perform a script in which he cheated on his Income Tax, since he felt it would make him look like a bad American?
Jackie Gleason
Danny Thomas
Desi Arnaz
Dick Van Dyke