5 Questions: GO MARCHING IN

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What playwright's "Saint Joan" was based on the life of Joan of Arc?
James Joyce
Eugene O'Neill
George Bernard Shaw
Arthur Miller
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Which of these NFL teams was awarded its franchise on All Saints Day (November 1) in 1966?
New Orleans Saints
Minnesota Vikings
Seattle Seahawks
Miami Dolphins
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In 1825, the Fifth Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army completed what fort in St. Paul, Minnesota?
Fort Snelling
Fort Erie
Fort Wayne
Fort Issimo
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What entertainer founded St. Jude's Research Hospital as a result of a pledge he made while still struggling in show business?
Sid Caesar
Jack Benny
Milton Berle
Danny Thomas
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Which of these "saintly" actresses portrayed the first character to die on the 1960s live-action "Batman" TV series?
Susan St. James
Jill St. John
Buffy St. Marie
Diana St. Clair