5 Questions: TUBE COPS

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Which character on the TV police sitcom "Barney Miller" was known for the notoriously bad coffee he made?
Arthur Dietrich
Phil Fish
Nick Yemana
Stan Wojciehowicz
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On "The Andy Griffith Show", Sheriff Taylor always made sure that Deputy Fife kept his gun unloaded. Barney only had one bullet on his person -- where did he keep it?
in his shirt pocket
behind his ear
under his hat
in his right shoe
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Based on a motion picture, what short-lived Fox TV series told the story of two Los Angeles cops, one human and one a species of alien known as a "newcomer"?
Alien Intruder
Alien Hunter
Alien Zone
Alien Nation
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NBC-TV's "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo" was a spin-off from what sitcom?
The A-Team
B.J. and the Bear
The Dukes of Hazzard
Movin' On
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Ed O'Neill currently stars in the fourth incarnation of what police TV series?
Hawaii Five-O
Police Academy
The Untouchables