5 Questions: FIVE ON TEN

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Which of these Scouting groups is designed for ten-year-old kids?
Tiger Scouts
Cub Scouts
Boy Scouts
Eagle Scouts
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Nadia Comaneci scored a "perfect ten" seven times in the 1976 Olympics. What other gymnast scored a "ten" twice in those same games?
Nelli Kim
Shannon Miller
Ludmilla Turisheva
OIga Korbut
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The "Hollywood Ten" was/were:
major early 20th century film studios
a 1940s gang that terrorized L.A.
suspected Communists
first multiplex theater in U.S.
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According to the Biblical book of Exodus, what is the first of the Ten Commandments?
Remember the Sabbath Day; to keep it holy.
Thou shall not kill.
Thou shall have no other gods before me.
Thou shall not steal.
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Which of the following decapods (ten-legged) sea creatures is NOT a crustacean?