5 Questions: THE YEAR 1973

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What TV series was abruptly cancelled by NBC after 14 seasons and aired its final episode on January 16, 1973?
The Ed Sullivan Show
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In October 1973, kidnappers cut off the ear of what multi-millionaire's grandson and mailed it to a newspaper to dispel rumors of a hoax?
John D. Rockefeller
H.L. Hunt
J. Paul Getty
William Randolph Hearst
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Augusto Pinochet took power in Chile in September of 1973 when what president was overthrown?
Ricardo Lagos
Salvadore Allende
Jorge Alessandria
Ramon Freire
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What TV network debuted the first "teletext" system (the precursor of closed captioning) in 1973?
TV Globo
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Marvin Hamlisch's arrangement of Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" was the theme song for what 1973 motion picture?
The Exorcist
Paper Moon
American Graffiti
The Sting