5 Questions: ON YOUR TOES

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What was the real name of "Tip Toe thru the Tulips" crooner Tiny Tim?
Paul Gadd
Reginald Dwight
Chaim Weitz
Herbert Khaury
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British sitcom character Albert Steptoe was known by what name when a U.S. version of his series hit the airwaves?
George Jefferson
James Evans
Fred Sanford
Cliff Huxtable
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Which of the following is an edentate, an order of animals that includes the three-toed sloth?
koala bear
spider monkey
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Bells on Their Toes was the sequel to what bestseller about the Gilbreth family?
Life with Father
Meet Me in St. Louis
Cheaper by the Dozen
Our Town
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Toe shoes, which enable ballerinas to stand on tip toe, are also called:
pointe shoes
character shoes
ballet slippers
jazz shoes