5 Questions: IT'S MAGICAL

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In the classic fairy tale, what did Jack (of "beanstalk" fame) trade for the magic beans?
a pig
a chicken
a cow
a sack of grain
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What kids' TV show host often enlisted the help of his Magic Drawing Board?
Bozo the Clown
Captain Kangaroo
Mister Rogers
Buffalo Bob
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What actor starred in the 1978 film Magic and risked being upstaged by a ventriloquist's dummy?
Christopher Walken
Anthony Hopkins
Jack Nicholson
Sean Connery
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What animated cat often relied on his Magic Bag of Tricks?
Mr. Jinks
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Known for his "World of Magic" show, what magician was making plans for a transcendental meditation theme park at the time of his death?
Doug Henning
Harry Houdini
David Copperfield
Harry Blackstone, Jr.