5 Questions: COPPER TOPS

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What group used "revolutionary" pseudonyms such as Tania, Yolanda, Teko and Cinque?
the Symbionese Liberation Army
the Black Panther Party
the Manson family
the Weather Underground
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Who adopted the name "Son of Sam" when he determined that his neighbor's dog was telling him to kill?
Albert DeSalvo
John Wayne Gacy
David Berkowitz
Wayne Williams
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His given first name was Charles — his family called him Choc — but the press gave him the nickname he hated:
"Greasy Thumb" Guzik
"Machine Gun" Kelly
"Bugsy" Siegel
"Pretty Boy" Floyd
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Caryl Chessman, who published four books during his 12 years on death row, was known as the ...
Stocking Killer
Hillside Strangler
Red Light Bandit
Granny Killer
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What was the real first name of the gangster known as "Baby Face" Nelson?