5 Questions: SAY UNCLE

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In what board game would you find a character named Uncle Pennybags?
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What TV series centered around a family that was looked after by their curmudgeonly Uncle Charlie?
My Three Sons
To Rome, With Love
Family Affair
Gimme a Break
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Complete the title of this 1971 Paul McCartney hit: "Uncle Albert"/ ...
Sergeant Pepper
Admiral Halsey
Admiral Hargrove
Auntie Gin
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What is the subtitle of Harriet Beecher Stowe's classic novel, "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?
A Man of Humanity
The Story of a Slave
Life Among the Lowly
Run, Eliza, Run
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What mail-order product, introduced in 1956 by "Uncle Milton" Levine, has sold over 20 million units worldwide?
ant farms
X-ray specs
sea monkeys
model rockets