5 Questions: TWO BITS

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The 25th Olympiad garnered more nations than had ever participated in any previous Summer Olympic Games. In what city was this event held?
Los Angeles
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What Raymond Chandler character said, "I am so money greedy, that for 25 bucks a day and expenses, mostly gasoline and whisky, I do my thinking myself ..."?
Mike Hammer
Sam Spade
Philip Marlowe
Richard Diamond
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What character's adventures "in the 25th century" began on CBS radio stations in the year 1932?
Doctor Who
Buck Rogers
Captain Marvel
Flash Gordon
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What famous American landmark bears an inscription from Chapter 25 of the Biblical book of Leviticus?
the Statue of Liberty
the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
the Washington Monument
the Liberty Bell
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The name of what ancient game is derived from the Hindu word for twenty-five?