5 Questions: SEE-THROUGH

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What new wave band's first U.S. number one hit was the disco-flavored single "Heart of Glass"?
The B-52s
Talking Heads
The Clash
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Who starred as "The Man in the Glass Booth" in the 1975 motion picture?
Maximilian Schell
James Whitmore
William Holden
Max Von Sydow
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What generalized term is given to inexpensive colored glass made by machine in the 1920s-1930s?
carnival glass
depression glass
vaseline glass
crackle glass
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What playwright won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for "The Glass Menagerie"?
Langston Hughes
Bertolt Brecht
Arthur Miller
Tennessee Williams
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The world headquarters for what corporation is nicknamed The Glass House?
Ford Motor Co.
General Electric
Dow Chemical