5 Questions: A MEASLY TEST

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Following a WWII USO tour, what actress gave birth to a severely handicapped daughter after she kissed a fan who had been exposed to German measles?
Geraldine Page
Spring Byington
Marjorie Main
Gene Tierney
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During an 1824 trip to Great Britain, King Kamehameha II and his wife died after contracting measles. He was the leader of what kingdom?
New Zealand
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To whom was Scarlett O'Hara married for a mere two weeks when he died of measles?
Ashley Wilkes
Charles Hamilton
Rhett Butler
Frank Kennedy
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Complete this Lord Byron quote: "Like the measles, __________ is most dangerous when it comes late in life."
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After being exposed to the measles, what astronaut was scrubbed from the Apollo XIII moon mission?
John Swigert
Fred Haise
Ken Mattingly
John Young