5 Questions: A-ONE PANDA TWO

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Whose studios produced the Andy Panda series of animated shorts?
Walt Disney
Jay Ward
Max Fleischer
Walter Lantz
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What was the nave given to the giant panda cub that was born at the San Diego zoo on August 21, 1999, viewed by millions since then on an Internet "Panda Cam"?
Hua Mei
Ying Xin
Shi Shi
Bai Yun
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On an episode of the cable TV series "South Park," a man in a panda suit was used to teach the public about:
racial equity
drinking and driving
sexual harassment
endangered species
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Pandas are most closely related to which of these creatures?
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In April 1972, China sent two giant pandas to America in honor of then-President Richard Nixon. The male and female lived in a zoo in what city?
Washington, D.C.
San Diego