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What actor starred as Charles Lindbergh in the 1957 Billy Wilder film The Spirit of St. Louis?
Charlton Heston
Jimmy Stewart
Kirk Douglas
Henry Fonda
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Name the 1971 film (written by, directed by and starring Tom Laughlin) in which this line of dialogue appeared:  "I try, I really try. But when I see this girl of such a beautiful spirit suffer this indignity ... I just go BERSERK!"
The Last Picture Show
Billy Jack
The French Connection
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The motion picture Blithe Spirit was based on a play by what British star, who also penned Private Lives and Sail Away and was knighted in 1970?
Noel Coward
John Osborne
David Garrick
Peter Shaffer
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The animated 1991 short The Spirit of Christmas is the first work featuring characters that would go on to form the basis of what cartoon?
Beavis & Butthead
The Brothers Grunt
South Park
Ren & Stimpy
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Matt Damon provided the voice of Spirit in the 2002 animated motion picture of the same name. What type of animal was Spirit?
a leopard
an eagle
a horse
a kangaroo