5 Questions: RUN, RUN, RUDOLPH

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The late Rudolph Dirks was best known for what old-time comic strip?
Mutt & Jeff
L'il Abner
The Katzenjammer Kids
Gasoline Alley
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When Archduke Rudolph of Austria killed himself and his mistress in 1889, his nephew became heir apparent. Name him.
Maximilian I
Klemens von Metternich
Charles I
Franz Ferdinand
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Motion picture legend Rudolph Valentino was born in what country?
the United States
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How do you spell the former New York City mayor's name?
Rudolph Giuliani
Rudolph Guluiani
Rudolph Guiliani
Rudolph Gulianni
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Which American president had the middle name "Rudolph"?
Andrew Jackson
Herbert Hoover
Gerald Ford
James Buchanan