5 Questions: STIR IT UP

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Known as "Bloody Mary," Queen Mary I was the only surviving child of King Henry VIII and whom?
Kathryn Howard
Catherine of Aragon
Jane Seymour
Anne Boleyn
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The mint julep is the traditional drink of what sporting event?
The Kentucky Derby
The Masters Golf Tournament
The Indianapolis 500
The Sugar Bowl
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According to one of Aesop's fables, the grasshopper laughed, danced and played all summer long while what other insect worked?
the katydid
the bee
the ladybug
the ant
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Before "Gone With the Wind" producer David O. Selznik met Vivien Leigh, what actress was the frontrunner for the coveted role of Scarlett O'Hara?
Claudette Colbert
Paulette Goddard
Talullah Bankhead
Carole Lombard
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Who was appointed scientific director of the Manhattan Project in 1942?
Enrico Fermi
Niels Bohr
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Ernest Rutherford