5 Questions: HATS OFF

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"Toque blanche" is the technical name of what type of headgear?
a chef's hat
a fedora
a cossack cap
a ten-gallon hat
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What type of salad was invented by the owner of the famous Hollywood eatery, The Brown Derby?
Waldorf salad
Caesar salad
Maurice salad
Cobb salad
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What president broke with tradition by wearing a Homburg instead of the traditional top hat to his inauguration?
Harry Truman
Dwight Eisenhower
Lyndon Johnson
John Kennedy
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As depicted on an episode of I Love Lucy, what Hollywood gossip columnist was known for her outrageous hats?
Liz Smith
Cindy Adams
Hedda Hopper
Louella Parsons
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The fez, the most recognizable symbol of the Shriners, originated in what country?