5 Questions: DANCE, DANCE, DANCE

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The idea of the Sadie Hawkins' Dance originated in what comic strip?
Snuffy Smith
L'il Abner
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What disco dance tune was the first single to be certified as platinum by the RIAA?
Dancing Queen (ABBA)
YMCA (The Village People)
Disco Lady (Johnnie Taylor)
The Hustle (Van McCoy)
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St. Vitus' Dance is ...
atmospheric electricity
an English horse race
a type of brain disorder
a yellow-flowered plant
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Cosmo "Gus" Allegretti portrayed Dancing Bear on what kiddie TV show?
Howdy Doody
The New Zoo Revue
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Captain Kangaroo
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"Put your right foot forward, put your left foot out" are part of the instructions for what "animal" dance?
the Bunny Hop
the Turkey Trot
the Lame Duck
the Camel Walk