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In what motion picture did a character wield a machete at some street thugs, telling them, "That's not a knife ... THAT'S a knife"?
Blade Runner
Crocodile Dundee
Die Hard
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Yellowknife is the capital city of what area of Canada?
Northwest Territories
Prince Edward Island
Yukon Territory
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Name the Arkansas craftsman who forged the first Bowie knife, named after Alamo hero James Bowie.
John Snowden
William Travis
Alexander Crain
James Black
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"Mack the Knife" was a Grammy-winning record and the only #1 hit single for what singer?
Bobby Darin
Ella Fitzgerald
Louie Armstrong
Billy Vaughn
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Those poor "Three Blind Mice" of nursery rhyme fame had their tails cut off by the farmer's wife using what sharp instrument?
a butcher knife
a paring knife
a carving knife
a pocket knife