5 Questions: MY "BUDDY"

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Along with his band (Gene Alden, Dave Burgess and Danny Flores), who was awarded the very first Grammy award for best R&B performance back in 1958?
Buddy Rich
Buddy Bruce
Buddy Holly
Buddy Guy
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What is a Nutty Buddy?
a nut-filled candy bar
a flavored specialty coffee
an ice cream treat
a peanut-shaped cookie
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Who danced alongside Shirley Temple in the motion picture Captain January?
Buddy Ebsen
Buddy DeFranco
Buddy Rogers
Buddy De Sylva
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What was the unusual nickname that Buddy Sorrell used to refer to his wife on the TV sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show?
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What are "buddy stores"?
aircraft fuel tanks
interlocking steel cabinets
retail establishments sharing a parking lot
military commissaries