5 Questions: FLAME ON

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What famous Vaudevillian was entertaining onstage when a deadly fire (killing over 600) broke out during a matinee show at Chicago's Iroquois Theatre in 1903?
Eddie Cantor
George M. Cohan
Will Rogers
Eddie Foy
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July 6, 1944, is still remembered as "the day the clowns cried" due to a tragic circus fire in what northeast city?
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What U.S. Supreme Court Justice declared that falsely yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre was not protected by First Amendment rights?
William H. Moody
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Salmon P. Chase
William Howard Taft
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A December 1958 fire at what Chicago school claimed the lives of 90 students and resulted in a complete overhaul of school fire safety laws in the U.S.?
Morgan Park Academy
St. John's Lutheran
Our Lady of the Angels
Lincoln Park Secondary
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What many believe to be the first fire insurance company in the world began operation around 1670 after a devastating blaze in what city?