5 Questions: CHUCK ROAST

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What 1966 novel told the story of a mentally-challenged man by the name of Charly Gordon?
Like Normal People
The Man Who Loved Clowns
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Flowers for Algernon
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In the NATO phonetic alphabet, A-B-C is Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. But in Western Union's alphabet, it's Adams, Boston ... what?
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In 1958, Charlie Starkweather went on a killing spree (11 victims in five states) with what female accomplice?
Susan Atkins
Caril Fugate
Evelyn Nesbit
Myra Hindley
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Who portrayed the bespectacled character (and "Hollywood Squares" regular) Charlie Weaver?
Cliff Arquette
Frank Fontaine
Red Skelton
Wilford Brimley
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To what color group does St. Charles Place belong on a standard U.S. Monopoly board?
light blue
light purple