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What rocker, while an avid hunter and sportsman, was so against the prospect of fighting in Vietnam that he completely stopped bathing for two weeks before reporting to his draft board?
Ted Nugent
Sammy Hagar
Alice Cooper
Bob Seger
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While starring as Hank Williams, Sr. in Your Cheatin' Heart, what actor was also dating LBJ's daughter, sagely assuming it would keep him out of the war?
Troy Donohue
Martin Sheen
Robert Conrad
George Hamilton
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What humorist wryly observed that, despite the pain from his congenital heart defect, at least it had kept him from "getting shot in a rice paddy by Ding Dang Dong"?
P.J. O'Rourke
Jeff Foxworthy
Dave Berry
Lewis Grizzard
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What actor stayed out of Vietnam (and kept his newly-won role on "Dobie Gillis") because of a broken neck from an earlier injury that had never healed properly?
Dwayne Hickman
Warren Beatty
Bob Denver
Darryl Hickman
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Which member of the Monkees won a hardship deferment because he was the sole support for his father?
Michael Nesmith
Davy Jones
Micky Dolenz
Peter Tork