5 Questions: NO STATIC AT ALL

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What famous disc jockey provided the voice of Shaggy on the animated series Scooby Doo, Where are You?
Shadoe Stevens
Wolfman Jack
Rick Dees
Casey Kasem
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During the Cold War, what radio station was covertly funded by the CIA?
Radio Free Europe
Stars and Stripes
Armed Forces Radio
Voice of America
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What show made its debut in 1927 and became radio's longest-running musical program?
The Boston Pops
Gospel Greats
The Grand Ole Opry
Your Hit Parade
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In radio broadcasting, for what does the abbreviation "AM" stand?
airplay moderation
amplitude modulation
atmospheric maintenance
ante meridian
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What was the first video shown on MTV?
Radio Radio
Video Killed the Radio Star
Radio Ga-Ga
On the Radio