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The "Password" episode of what popular sitcom taught viewers not only that Abraham Lincoln liked mayonnaise, but that Aristophanes wrote a play called The Birds?
The Odd Couple
Family Ties
Green Acres
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On The Little Rascals, it took a magnifying glass to set off the firecrackers in Alfalfa's pocket, but the explosions hilariously punctuated his recital of what poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson?
Morte d'Arthur
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Break, Break, Break
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A funny episode of The Honeymooners made it clear that it wasn't Ed Norton who wrote "Swanee River" -- who did Ralph Kramden learn actually wrote this classic tune?
Ira Gershwin
Stephen Foster
Cole Porter
Scott Joplin
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An episode of what 1960s sitcom showcased not only music from the Georges Bizet opera Carmen, but also lyrics from Shakespeare's Hamlet?
The Mothers-in-Law
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Gilligan's Island
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An award-winning Got Milk? commercial made millions aware of the name of the gentleman who fatally shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel.  Name this former Vice President.
Aaron Burr
Elbridge Gerry
Charles Lee
John Calhoun