5 Questions: ATOMIC DOGS

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What activist was killed in a suspicious 1974 auto accident on the way to deliver documents that would have exposed unsafe occurrences at his/her former employer, the Kerr-McGee plutonium processing plant?
Allen Ginsburg
Karen Silkwood
Daniel Ellsberg
Linus Palding
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What 1956 John Wayne film was shot near nuclear testing grounds in the Utah desert, leading many to believe it was the cause of death (by cancer) of many of its stars, including Wayne, Susan Heyward, Agnes Moorehead?
Rio Bravo
The Longest Day
The Conqueror
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What David Bowie song told a fictional story of the possible aftermath after a 1966 near meltdown of the Enrico Fermi nuclear power plant?
Space Oddity
Panic in Detroit
Diamond Dogs
Ashes to Ashes
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In what year did the Chernobyl nuclear plant suffer an explosion that released moderate amounts of radiation into the atmosphere?
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Three Mile Island, a nuclear reactor that suffered a core meltdown in 1979, is located in which U.S. state?
New York