5 Questions: Keeping Up

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In his own film series of the 40s and 50s as well as an early TV series, what Western star was assisted by a sidekick named Fuzzy Q. Jones?
Roy Rogers
Lash La Rue
Hopalong Cassidy
Gene Autry
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Which of the following musicians was born Lindley Murray?
Davy Jones
Booker T. Jones
Jesus Jones
Spike Jones
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Talk show host Jenny Jones got her start after appearing on TV's Star Search in what category?
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John Luther Jones is better known as:
folk hero Casey Jones
Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones
comic book character Jughead Jones
baseball all-star Chipper Jones
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Carolyn Jones was best known for her role as what 1960s sitcom character?
Kate Bradley
Lily Munster
Morticia Addams
Samantha Stephens