5 Questions: Tom Arnold, et al

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The 1966 single "The Elf" was the debut record for which of these vocalists?
Al Stewart
Janis Ian
Paul Simon
Peter Gabriel
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What entertainer-turned-activist also gained fame by promoting the Bahamian Diet?
Raul Julia
Anita Bryant
Dick Gregory
John Amos
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Which of the following authors was American?
Victor Hugo
Mary Shelley
James Joyce
Sinclair Lewis
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What popular artist gained fame in the 60s and 70s with his cartoonish renditions of stars, planets, and other groovy stuff?
Peter Max
Sylvia Sidney
Man Ray
Campbell Scott
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What funnyman has warned the public about such unlikely hazards as exploding cows and flame-throwing toasters?
Garrett Morris
Buck Henry
Dave Barry
Fred Allen