5 Questions: Houston Sports

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The Houston Astrodome was the first major domed stadium constructed in the United States. What was the second?
New Orleans Superdome
Pontiac Silverdome
Seattle Kingdome
Minneapolis Metrodome
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What basketball star led the University of Houston Cougars to the NCAA finals in 1983 & 84, then led the NBA's Houston Rockets to the NBA finals in 1994 & 95?
Moses Malone
Ralph Sampson
Hakeem Olajuwon
Clyde Drexler
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In March of 2000, five potential names were selected for Houston's new NFL team (known as the Texans). Which of the following names was not one of the choices?
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In what year did Houston's pro baseball team (first known as the Colt .45s, then the Astros) join the National League?
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What team won Super Bowl VIII at Houston's Rice Stadium back in 1974 (and won the previous year's NFL championship as well)?
Pittsburgh Steelers
Washington Redskins
Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys