5 Questions: Seems Like "Old" Times

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Little Nell and her grandfather were on the run from what villainous dwarf in Charles Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop?
Uriah Heep
Jerry Cruncher
Daniel Quilp
Martin Chuzzlewit
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London's Old Bailey is a:
criminal court
subway station
wax museum
stage theater
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In what "teenage angst" movie did a character named Toad have difficulty buying a pint of Old Harper whiskey without ID?
American Graffiti
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
American Pie
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The song "Old Folks at Home" is commonly known by what title?
"Old Black Joe"
"Swanee River"
"Oh, Susannah"
"Camptown Races"
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What World War II figure was known as Old Blood and Guts?
Douglas MacArthur
Charles DeGaulle
Winston Churchill
George Patton