5 Questions: Alley Tally

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The name of a singer (not a group), who had a hit with a piano rendition of the song "Alley Cat"?
Eagle-Eye Cherry
Michelle Shocked
Bent Fabric
Bunker Hill
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What was the name of the fictional land that was the prehistoric home of comic strip character Alley Oop?
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After 13 years, what actor endured a messy divorce from Cheers and Veronica's Closet actress Kirstie Alley?
Shaun Cassidy
Willie Aames
Tim Matheson
Parker Stevenson
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How long is a lane in a bowling alley, measured from the foul line to the center point of the head pin?
40 feet
50 feet
60 feet
70 feet
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In 1903, music publisher Harry Von Tilzer coined the term "Tin Pan Alley" in reference to what city?
New York
St. Louis