5 Questions: Sounds? Zounds!

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Who admitted that he "couldn't stay within shootin' distance of a melody," but still hit #1 in the U.K. with the song "Wand'rin Star" from the Paint Your Wagon soundtrack?
Rod Steiger
Clint Eastwood
Eddie Albert
Lee Marvin
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What song was released as a single by Ted Cassidy, who portrayed Lurch on the 1960s version of TV's The Addams Family?
"The Addams Family Theme"
"You Rang?"
"The Thing's Harpsichord"
"The Lurch"
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What Back to the Future star released a 1989 avant-garde album titled The Big Problem?
Crispin Glover
Michael J. Fox
Lea Thompson
Christopher Lloyd
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Sylvester Stallone croaked out the theme song to which of his films?
Paradise Alley
Over the Top
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What actor recorded the 1968 album Little Joe Sure Can Sing?
Michael Landon
Joe Pesci
Joe E. Ross
Jack Webb