5 Questions: Aloe There

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A buxom lady named Vera Jayne Palmer gained quite an audience in films under what stage name?
Jayne Mansfield
Brigitte Bardot
Rita Hayworth
Jane Russell
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In the early 20th century, Vera Menchik was widely known as the world's greatest female...
chess player
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What actress portrayed a dimwitted waitress named Vera in the long-running sitcom Alice?
Polly Holliday
Linda Lavin
Diane Ladd
Beth Howland
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1882's Vera, or the Nihilists was the title of the first play by what playwright?
James M. Barrie
Oscar Wilde
Anton Chekhov
George Bernard Shaw
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Vera Lynn was an entertainer best known for her singing patriotic songs to inspire the soldiers of what country during World War II?
the U.K.