5 Questions: It's Weddings-Day Thursday!

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What young actor starred in the 2003 motion picture Just Married?
Devon Sawa
Jesse Bradford
Matthew Lillard
Ashton Kutcher
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What film actress made a cameo appearance during Luke and Laura's highly-rated General Hospital wedding?
Sophia Loren
Elizabeth Taylor
Natalie Wood
Bette Davis
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In 1982, who presided over a controversial mass wedding ceremony of 2,075 couples at Madison Square Garden?
L. Ron Hubbard
Jesse Jackson
Louis Farrakhan
Sun Myung Moon
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What quirky entertainer got married on TV's The Tonight Show?
Spike Jones
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Tiny Tim
Andy Kaufman
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Which British royal bride's wedding dress included anchors in its elaborate design?
Sophie, Countess of Wessex
Diana, Princess of Wales
Sarah, Duchess of York
Anne, the Princess Royal