5 Questions: Second Screening

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The 1940 comedy The Philadelphia Story was remade sixteen years later as a musical, titled:
High Society
On the Town
Pal Joey
Kiss Me, Kate
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Remade in 2000 with Brendan Fraser, who starred in the lead role of the original 1967 British film version of Bedazzled?
Dudley Moore
Benny Hill
John Cleese
Denholm Elliott
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Although the new version didn't really cause the public to go "ape" like the producers had hoped, what 1933 film was re-fashioned in 1976?
Monkey Business
Planet of the Apes
King Kong
Tarzan of the Apes
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The Truth About Charlie, a 2002 film starring Mark Wahlberg, was a remake of which 1963 film starring Cary Grant?
Where's Charlie?
Paris When It Sizzles
April in Paris
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What film remake (which opened this April 2) stars "The Rock" in a hard-nosed role originally played by Joe Don Baker in 1973?
Magnum Force
Cool Hand Luke
Billy Jack
Walking Tall