5 Questions: The Un-Quiz

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A subterranean room, especially under a church, was sometimes called which of the following names (originally in Middle English)?
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Jules Verne wrote the novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea... but what approximate distance was referenced in this title?
15 feet
300 yards
50 miles
70,000 miles
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Reaching #22 on the U.S. pop charts back in 1969, "Undun" was a hit song for which of the following musical groups?
the Yardbirds
the Guess Who
the Four Seasons
the Grateful Dead
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In 1967, which soft drink began using the slogan "The Uncola"?
Dr Pepper
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Harriet Tubman was a leader of what famous organization, which assisted slaves to escape to freedom?
the Unification Front
the Underground Railroad
Under the Thumb
the Underworld