5 Questions: All in the Timing

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annual lighting of the White House Christmas tree
Academy Award nominees are announced
Neil Armstrong took the first step on the lunar surface
Punxsutawney Phil checks out his shadow on Groundhog Day
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tidal wave flips the ship over in The Poseidon Adventure.
train leaves for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films.
lightning struck the clock tower in Back to the Future
time all the clocks were set to in Pulp Fiction
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shown on early Dr. Pepper advertisements
time on the Independence Hall clock on a new $100 bill
changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
depicted in Salvador Dali's The Pereistence of Memory
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a song by Gary U.S. Bonds
a song by Eurythmics
a song by The Who
a song by Chicago
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Pearl Harbor attack began
John F. Kennedy shot
Hindenburg crashed
Titanic hit iceberg