5 Questions: The State of Music

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The duo known as Michigan & Smiley specialized in what genre of music?
Hip Hop
Instrumental Jazz
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Which of the following was not a hit for the Ohio Players?
"Funky Broadway"
"Skin Tight"
"Love Rollercoaster"
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Variety show host Garry Moore bestowed what nickname upon jazz/pop singer Georgia Gibbs?
Got Dibs
Spare Ribs
Her Nibs
Miss Tibbs
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Singer Tennessee Ernie Ford made three guest appearances as the title character's "country cousin" on what sitcom?
I Love Lucy
My Favorite Martian
Leave It to Beaver
I Dream of Jeannie
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David Johansen, lead singer of the New York Dolls, later had a hit with "Hot, Hot, Hot" under what other name?
Busta Rhymes
Buster Bloodvessel
Buster Cooper
Buster Poindexter