5 Questions: Slammin' Sports & Games

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In the card game bridge, a "slam" occurs when one team:
wins all the tricks
forfeits the game
has only face cards left
passes on a bid
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In 1987, what member of the New York Yankees bettered a long-standing record by hitting six grand slams in a single season?
Dave Winfield
Rickey Henderson
Ken Griffey, Sr.
Don Mattingly
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Which of these is NOT part of the professional tennis "grand slam" series?
U.S. Open
British Open
French Open
Australian Open
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What 1983 college basketball team was known as "Phi Slamma Jamma" due to their high-flying ability to slam-dunk the ball?
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What fad involved something known as a slammer?
Hula Hoops
Hacky Sack